Lifeline by Katherine Kingston

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Whispers Publishing

Blurb: When Army Ranger Lieutenant Mike Caldwell goes missing on a secret assignment in a country far away, his desperate comrades call in the one person who has a real shot at finding him. Sheila Scranton was once engaged to Mike, but he couldn't deal with her 'gift,' her ability to read minds. Now that ability represents the only real chance to find and rescue him. Sheila reluctantly agrees to use her talent to locate him. She succeeds, only to have him reject the contact. He doesn't want her to share the grim experience as his captors attempt to extract information from him. To keep him going under horrible conditions, she works on diverting his attention, first by reviewing their history together, then with an assortment of sexual fantasies she thinks he'll enjoy. When she promises to try those out on him, it helps him decide he needs to survive long enough for rescue. He's had second thoughts about their earlier breakup and wants to give their relationship another chance. Sheila's not sure she's ready to trust that, but she's leaning toward giving it a try. Those rescuers better hurry, though. His mind might be willing but his body can't take much more.

Review: First let me start by saying that the two main characters ROCKED!! I really liked them from the very beginning and was pulled in and kept by the story.
I LOVED the fact that these two have a past and that it is touched on and explored through the story. The entire concept was wonderful.
The "fantasy" scenes felt a little odd to me as the story is written in third and they are in first (yes there is dialogue but the tags are all in first) and sort of separated from the rest of the story. For some reason my brain had a few issues flipping back and forth between third, first, third, first and so on BUT overall I still enjoyed the story as a whole :)

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