Encounters: Pig Girl by D.B. Story

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: eXcessica
Fantasy mildly erotic m/f

Blurb: A little story about backwood's smarts, a government cover-up, and a mysterious woman whose genes might not all quite be human. Share in this tale of a country boy who meets a mysterious woman whose critical needs he's more than willing to satisfy in this sexy adult romantic fantasy.

Warnings: This title contains mildly detailed sexual language, non-human character that some might consider taboo, but is she?

Review: Be prepared to be entertained. I have to say that at the onset, I had no idea what I was getting myself into reading this story. Somewhere in the middle, I knew I had to be too tired to read because the story was just so bizarre. But the words are very well written, engaging and so I simply couldn’t stop scrolling down the pages. (and it wasn’t late so I know I wasn’t tired) Then the tale gets even stranger, but I wasn’t confused, wasn’t bothered, I was simply…entertained. The sex isn’t graphic, and it isn’t overdone. Thank you D.B. I didn’t need any more than what you’d written to believe that while strange, you are a very talented writer and this was a twisted yet heart-warming story. One that I’m glad I read and can happily recommend to those who want to open their minds to strange attractions.

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