Dark Man by KyAnn Waters

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 18.5
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
M/M Erotic

Blurb: Book 3 in the Blood Slaves series

Vance is determined to discover the secrets hidden in The Catacombs, an exclusive all-male fetish club. Someone there was the last person to see his ex-lover alive and he intends to seek revenge for the brutal murder. Once in, he meets Tac, the owner of the club. He’s secretive and hot as hell. The BDSM sex is unlike anything Vance has experienced. Tac is becoming an obsession and keeping him from the truth.

Nothing can endanger the vampires’ existence. Theron, known in the club as Tac, will destroy any who try. He is dominant and dangerous—in total control of his world. He lives only for sex and blood. He has never been emotionally involved with anyone. Now, a human has slipped into his life and under his skin, making him want more than meaningless sex with blood slaves. But Theron will never allow a mere mortal to bring him to his knees.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of smoking-hot men engaged in multiple-partner sex and bondage.

Review: Excuse me? Would you mind passing me a fan, I need some cooling off :)
HOLY CRAP!!! Ms Waters has done it again. Her titillating stories about super sexy vampires, BDSM and a fetish club just keep getting better :) HOT doesn't even begin to describe this novella. Scorching isn't even good enough. Magma? Getting closer :)
I squirmed, gasped and...yeah you get the idea. I couldn't stop! Hell, even if I could have why in the hell would I have wanted to? Oh Ms Waters, you naughty girl. You just keep them coming "PUN INTENDED"
If you have not already partaken of the previous stories in this series then I suggest you begin. I haven't been so in love with a dark, brooding character since Acheron. *SNAPS* on a truly memorable, panty-drenching tale :)

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KyAnn said...

thank you so much for the fabulous review. Romance Reader and seriously reviewed rock!

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