Sunday Afternoon With Mac by Madeleine Oh

Story: 3
Presentation: 7
Total: 10
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic BDSM

Blurb: Single white submissive ISO intelligent, inventive and creative Dominant. Perfection not necessary but common sense, wit and sense of humor are. I’m 27, employed and looking for someone to fulfill my fantasies of velvet manacles and silk scarves.

Ginny Wallace places a personal ad, hoping to find the dominant of her dreams. Who she finds is Mac Brodie—a man who will take her beyond her wildest imaginings to complete sexual fulfillment and love.

Publisher’s Note: Previously released in the Single White Submissive anthology.

Review: Oh my word...where should I start?

It's not very often that I come across a book that I have a really hard time finishing. The story, IMHO, had promise but it just failed to deliver. Aside for the blatant overuse of exclamation points (almost 150 in a 78 page PDF) that really started to become very jarring to me, the fact that from first phone conversation(Friday), first face to face meeting for lunch (Saturday), and the meeting for sex (Sunday) to his confession of love and a marriage proposal there is less than 3 days, and the "poking", "whoops" and other flowery sentiments, that upon reading had me groaning, the story just went down hill for me.

I can't even say that the sex got me worked up. I was so disinterested in the characters by the time Sunday rolled around that I found myself checking to see how many more pages were left. And one entire "Play" scene had me thinking about my last OB appointment...and not in a good way. (Not that they are ever thought of fondly but you get the idea) But I don't think I will EVER be able to look at another stethoscope with out visualizing it with a shiny metal butt plug attached to the end where the flat disk should be.

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