Spanish Eyes by Phyllis Campbell

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9.5
Total: 17
Publisher: Book Strand

Blurb: Ladies' man Anton Carrera is smitten with Rebecca from the very beginning. He wants nothing more than to seduce the stiff Miss Wakefield, until he learns she's investigating him for a crime he didn't commit

Rebecca is innocent and naive; convinced Anton is the villain her superiors have painted him. But her over-zealous determination places both of them in danger and he is forced to play the honorable rogue.

Sweeping her away to Padre Island off the coast of Spain seemed like a clever idea at the time. But how can he protect them both from his uncle's murderous games when Anton's heart falls victim to a woman as full of independence as she is desire.

Review: This story has it all in true melodrama fashion. It is full of intrigues and exciting rescues.
He is a handsome , romantic, fascinating Spanish hero - who has secrets. She is a beautiful, brave heroine who has ambitions.
There is a boatload of "bad guys", from the evil uncle and his henchmen to a handsome stranger.
Some bad guys appear to be good and good guys appear to be bad.
The settings, from New York City to romantic Spain, add to the appeal of the story.
I enjoyed reading this story.

The book cover was eye catching. I really liked the sails on the ship blending up into his collar.
Story was well presented I found only one typo that was humorous. P 185 they stayed "in a brother".

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