Hard Lessons and Security by Jack Greene

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Phaze
M/M Contemporary

Blurb: Two hot encounters in two hot shorts from bestselling author Jack Greene!

Hard Lessons: Studious Tom - resident nerd and social wallflower - has the enviable job of tutoring the college BMOC. Shawn needs to pass his math course in order to continue playing football, but once brain meets brawn the pair ends up studying more anatomy than numbers.

Security: Working late in his lab brings Tyler satisfaction with his career, though it's hell on his personal. Stolen moments ogling Gideon, the building's night guard, helps ease the loneliness, and when Tyler discovers he's being ogled himself he decides it's time for a whole new experiment.

Review: Both of these stories have well crafted characters and plenty of hot sex. Of the two, I loved Hard Lessons. The fear of being discovered in the throes of public passion had me tingling in all the right places. I enjoyed the connection between Tom and Shawn. I found their dialog and responses genuine and engaging.

Tyler and Gideon’s physical reactions were scorching, instant and primal. Love the sexy nerd meets hot man in uniform. My only complaint with Security was in Gideon’s dialog. Tom is so refined, well spoken and intellectual. Gideon’s incomplete sentences started to break the sexy flow of the story. I still enjoyed Security and can easily recommend this duo of short stories to anyone looking for a titillating taste of m/m erotica.

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