Salvation of the Damned by Theresa Meyers

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 18.5
Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne Bites
Paranormal Vampire
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Blurb: Every thousand years, a plague ravages the vampire population, bringing them to near extinction. In forty-eight hours, a virus will turn all vampires into their true chronological age and kill them all, unless the right woman is sacrificed. It is a ritual that vampire Raphael has made before. Every millennium, he finds the perfect woman and seduces her so thoroughly that she willing gives her own life and soul to save his kind. But only once in six thousand years has he fallen in love with his victim...
Then he sees Evaline St. Croix at a Mardi Gras costume party and feels the same raw need he felt for Isabeau. Eva feels an instant connection to Raphael, too, as if they've known each other forever. His voice and touch bring strange memories to her mind...and an explosive desire to her body.
Could Eva be the reincarnation of Raphael's lost love? And if she is, has he found her again only to lose her once more?

Review: Holy Smokes! It has been awhile since I read a story that made my tummy swoop, my insides heat up and gave me goose bumps.....This one did all three!!!!

A fascinating tale of love, sacrifice and doing something for the greater good......well, the vampires sure appreciated it :) The characters jumped off the pages with real emotions that lept at me, dragging me into the story and leaving me breathless. A total winner for me :)

Ms Meyers, *SNAPS* on a superb job. Your world building was great, plot fantastic and I can't wait to read more from you! ;)

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