Happy Feet by Dana Littlejohn

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Phaze
Erotic Fetish
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Blurb: Kerri felt like Cinderella as her birthday arrived and a pair of special shoes sat waiting at her door, but she had no Prince Charming to speak of. Planning to thank her friend for the gift, she later found a Prince waiting in the wings. And not only did he want to slide the shoe onto her foot to see if it fit, but he planned to do so many other wonderful things for her feet, too.

Review: This shorty gives a tantalizing look into the love of foot fetish and how it affects some folks. And lets just say that Ruben has a thing for feet and Kerri is happy to offer hers up for his pleasure ......Though not at first.

I have to say that even though beta heros don't bother me, I still like my beta to be masculine. Ruben was a bit to subdued for me and came across a bit wimpy. HOWEVER the story was still cute.

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