Christmas Curse by Michelle M. Pillow

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Blurb: Megan’s been telling her friend Victoria for years that she’s cursed. Christmas cursed! Every year she celebrates Christmas, something bad happens—broken bones, chicken pox, house burning down. After agreeing to finally go home for the holidays, she’s not surprised when her all-too-sexy boyfriend breaks up with her—and by note, no less!

Sean doesn’t believe in curses, but his girlfriend does. It’s her one fault. In all other ways Megan’s perfect, from her interesting mind to her gorgeous body. And the sex? HOT. But because she’s convinced something bad will happen, he’s not surprised when she leaves for the holiday without him. Convincing Megan she’s not cursed may take some creative “maneuvering”, but Sean plans to make sure he turns her holiday luck around.
Review: I felt so bad for Megan. What a way to think of Christmas every year! EEEK! I would also think I had a Christmas curse if I had all the things happen to me that she did.
That being said I did enjoy this one :) I chuckled, smiled and got a few tingles. Mom sure got a surprise in the story ;) With characters that pop and a plot that works, this is one you can read anywhere and get a good feeling when you are done. :)

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