Bittersweet by Sommer Marsden

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9.5
Total: 19
Publisher: eXcessica
Erotic BDSM Novella
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Blurb: Rayka’s just looking for a peace offering for an offended client when she goes into The Good, The Sweet, and the Yummy. What she finds instead is a very intoxicating man. Deacon James is more sinful than the candy he sells, and Rayka soon finds out that he can push her farther than she every thought she could go. Mentally, creatively, emotionally and yes–sexually. Rayka must remember it’s okay to let him have her body, let him test her limits, but she can’t let him have her heart. Besides, he’s made it perfectly clear he doesn’t want it anyway…

Review: OMG!! Excuse me while I try and catch my breath. *pant* Okay. *gulp* I think I can type now :) SO, a total page turner that will keep you riveted and captivated from beginning to bittersweet end leaving you sad that it's over. I felt the emotion all the way through this novella. Every tummy swoop, every pain filled smack, every big "O" WOW!!!!

Sommer Masden has really out done herself with this tasty, titillating tease. With out a doubt, I would read everything this author puts out from now on and will be seeking out everything on her back list!! Any one with the ability to bring emotion to life like this talented lady has my vote all the way!! *SNAPS* Ms Marsden, I am in awe!

Warnings: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, spanking, bondage and humiliation.

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