Thigh High by Amarinda Jones

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 17
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
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Blurb: Fourteen years ago, Joe Patterson left the small outback town of Amberwarra Falls and broke Maz Adler’s heart. Now he’s back. Hotter and sexier than Maz remembered. It’s hard holding a grudge when you want to hold a luscious man tight against you and lick every hard, hot curve. But the man needs to be taught a lesson and Maz is the girl to do it.

Joe came back home for one reason. Maz. Problem is, Maz isn’t about to open her arms and allow him back into her life and her body. But Joe has a plan to seduce his lover and break down Maz’s resistance. His aim? Her total surrender. And he’s going to enjoy every hot, sweaty moment loving her under the Aussie sun.

Review: A ‘swear jar’ in a bar, a ‘peroxide blonde’, and the unique concept of the ‘thigh high’ rule. Bloody Hell!!!

Imagine, your first love asking you to leave the only place you have ever known, then throwing in the loathsome phrase “If you loved me you would come with me.” Would you be able to stand up for yourself in that kind of dilemma? Have you ever known someone to cave in to something they didn’t want to do, just because of ‘love’? Did they later regret it?

To grow up in a small town and have no real inclination to leave, I can fully understand Maz ‘s point of view. But to have friends crave more of the world, I can see Joe’s point of view also. Neither is wrong, it is just all in what you want in and out of your life.

The other characters really brought the ‘small town feel’ together; down to the meddling and peer pressure of what to do with your own life!
OH! And thank you for the Glossary!

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