That Taste of Orange by Valerie J. Patterson

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Eternal Press
Blurb: Can the taste of orange rekindle their passion?If ever two people were perfectly suited for each other, it’s Sabrina and Chas. Both pastry chefs. Both excellent cooks. And both love the taste of orange. But the Christmas season has been a very busy time at their pastry shop, and they’re both feeling the weight of the long hours, the lack of personal time, and the stress of the holidays.Sabrina wants nothing more for Christmas than to regain the wonderful relationship she once had with her husband. The very traits that drew her to him in the beginning are now driving her crazy. Chas loves his wife, but he’s overworked and needs some down time. When he suggests they need time apart—and neglects to tell her where he was one evening—Sabrina thinks the worst.Will the end of the holidays signal the end of their union? Or can one juicy little orange bring them back where they belong?
Review: There are times in most marriages when we let life get in the way of the relationship. Times we worry about the little things instead of what should be more important. This tasty little treat is brimming with a couple in love who have hit the end of their rope. Stressed out by a business that is booming, their love seems to have fallen by the way side. Fortunately a little Holiday spirit might be just the thing to put them back in the spirit of love.
I have read several works by this author and have to admit that I keep my eyes peeled for anything with her name on it. Congrats on another release Ms Patterson. Here is wishing you many more :)


Valerie J. Patterson said...

Thank you Seriously Reviewed! I appreciate you taking the time to read my work...and for the wonderful review. I *love* this blog!

Lavada Dee said...

Great review, and you so deserve it.

Michele said...

Great review, Val! All the best and lots of sales! Sounds like a great story.

Tabitha Shay said...

Congrats, Val, on a wonderful review...and this book sounds very good....Lots of sales your way and you deserve them....Tabs

Patricia Lieb said...

Love the cover photo; great review. Wish you many sales...

Julie said...

Wonderful review, Val. I agree--you're stories just keep getting better.

Valerie J. Patterson said...

Hi Ladies:

Thank you for stopping by and reading the review! I appreciate the support! :P

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