Witch's Magic by Tabitha Shay

Story: 8.5

Presentation: 8.5

Total: 17

Publisher: Eternal Press


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Blurb: Witch’s Magic—where four realms collide—and there can only be one winner! Witches, werewolves, and vampires...An un-precedented alliance between the species.Prince of Darkness: The realm of Vampyre is on the brink of a devastating war. In order to save his covens from total annihilation and claim his right to be king, Prince Valerian Radu must find a mate immediately and breed her. However, convincing the feisty witch, Shasta LaVeau, she’s First Bride material is a war in itself--Shasta has but one thought on her mind—drive a stake through his black heart!Princess of Light: In Shasta’s opinion, the only good vampire is a staked vampire. Half-witch, half-werewolf, she leaves the borders of Ru-Noc to save her best friend, Princess Kali, from the evil fangs of Valerian, only to fall under the hypnotic spell of the sexy vampire.

Review: My my my! Ms Shay has done it again! Here we have the fourth book in this series (I have read them all!) and I must say that Ms Shay continues to surprise! A spell-binding tale of men, women, vamps, were's, demon's and witch's all rolled into one....er...how many books will be in the series? Just you wait and see, because with everything that is going on in this installment, there is NO WAY any self respecting Tabitha Shay fan will even think about missing the next one :)

So much was told and revealed in this story.......I laugh when I say story only becasue a 104,070 word manuscript isn't really a story, it's a freaking saga! Though if you have read any of her works, you realize that expecting anything less, is impossible. Tabby has too much story to tell and not nearly enought time to tell it!

Many new and familiar faces were seen here, and most of them were welcomed. Even the ones who weren't added something interesting. A nice little spin and a taste of more to come.

She continues to WOW us with her intricate tale, sucking us in and leaving enough that we are clammering for more. HOLY TOLEDO! I can't wait.......So tell us Tabby, is the next one done yet? ;) Demanding, aren't I?


Tabitha Shay said...

Wow....Thank you for a wonderul review. An author can't ask for much more than this...Tabs

Anonymous said...

what an amazing review! And I comepletely agree! When is the next one? I cant bear the wait!!!!

Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Candace
And TY...I don't have a release date for Witch's Fire yet...but sometime in 2010, hopefully not a year from now...I currently writing WF and have it about half finished. It's coming along very well and I'm digging deeper into the Winslow past to reveal more secrets...Tabs

Laura Herbertson said...

congrats on the great review, Tabs!

Tabitha Shay said...

TY, Laura,
I appreciate it...Tabs

Anonymous said...

Great review, Tabitha. Just like I've always said--you're a great storyteller!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful review, Tabs, CONGRATULATIONS!


Trent Kinsey said...

That's it, I'm adding the series on my wish list...No more waiting lol! Congrats on the great review Tabs. You always give me a goal to reach for :D

Angela Daniels said...

Congratulations on the wonderful review, Tabs! I have to read this series!

Tabitha Shay said...

Paula, Maggie, Trent and Angela,
You guys are the best...Thanks so much for your wonderful support....and for loving my books....Tabs

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