Vauxhall Vixen by Cindy Lee

Story: 7.5

Presentation: 9

Total: 16.5

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Historical Erotic Romance

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Blurb: David Huntley, Viscount Maxton, has met the woman of his dreams. For several months he has been aroused by a very erotic vision in his sleep. A veiled woman comes to him at night in a garden and they have amazing sex.

Vivian Cassell has recently moved to London to become a courtesan. Wearing a veil to maintain anonymity, she offers her customers unique services as the “Vauxhall Vixen”. When her first customer is abruptly removed from the scene, Vivian chooses David as her alternate escort.

David is delighted to discover the woman in his dreams is real, and Vivian’s romantic nature is touched by David’s courtesy and appreciative manner. But can their relationship become more enduring than prearranged sex?

Review: Vivian, you naughty vixen! Delights are to be had in this devilishly delicious novella. Fated lovers, clandestine encounters in secret gardens, risk and passion. This story delivers all of this and more. The blurb is very accurate in describing Ms. Lee’s Vauxhall Vixen. What the blurb can’t show is the vivid descriptions, sensually erotic sex and smooth flow of the storyline. On the downside, I found the dialog stilted and awkward in places. However, it didn’t diminish the overall story for me. The characters were well developed and the plot not overly weighted with excess drama. Ms. Lee, thank you for writing an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. It is a refreshing read that explores secret desires and in the end, delivers a believable happy ending.

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