Lady Elizabeth's Choice by Sahara Kelly

Story: 9

Presentation: 9

Total: 18

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Erotic Historical

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Blurb: Several months ago she gave herself to him, body and soul, during a night of sexual enlightenment that changed her world forever. But since then, Lady Elizabeth Wentworth has reached a decision she believes is right for her. And her erstwhile lover, Sir Spencer Marchwood, isn’t part of it. She hasn’t forgotten him…how could she? He took her from innocent girl to sensual woman in a night of extraordinary delights. Such memories cannot be denied, only buried, relegated to her past as the private indiscretions of a foolish and impetuous girl.

Spence is upset. He’s plagued by memories of their passion, hungry for the taste of her lips and eager to hear her cries of pleasure once more. And it looks like that’s not going to happen ever again. He hatches a strategy to get Elizabeth’s attention and land her back in his arms—naked. Once that occurs, Spence knows he can take her to the edge of madness and beyond. It all comes down to one pivotal moment…the moment of Lady Elizabeth’s choice.

Review: Some stories are pure pleasure to read. This is one of those gems. The story isn’t complicated but like a cool glass of lemonade on hot day, the first sip only whets your appetite and the rest just satisfies. Spence is determined. With single-mindedness, he goes after what he wants. (Can you hear me sigh?) And lucky Lady Elizabeth is his fixation.

In this novella, Ms. Kelly gives us just enough history in the beginning, followed by lots of delicious sex and an ending to make you swoon. Should we all be lucky enough to have such a choice, safe, good and boring, or adventurous, dangerous and damned sexy? Oh this romance lover envies Lady Elizabeth's Choice.

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