A Kiss Before Dying by J.A. Saare

Story: 9

Presentation: 9

Total: 18

Publisher: Amira Press

Paranormal Erotic

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Blurb: Katja Morgan has committed the ultimate taboo in the life of a blood slave; she has fallen in love with her master. Vampire Lord Sebastian Arsov is everything she has ever wanted - gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, kind. As their time together nears an end, she carefully constructs the ruse that will allow her to belong to her shellar in both body and soul. But sharing an evening with her beloved comes at a high price - the cost of her life.Disguised as a bed slave, Katja enters Sebastian's chambers to experience the pleasures she's been long denied. Including the bite that will ultimately kill her - what slaves refer to as a kiss before dying. As the night fades into the day, will Sebastian discover Katja's true identity before it's too late? Or will he lose the slave he's come to love above all others?

Review: Vampire Vixens world wide will love the tasty bite! I am not usually all that into a story written in first person. Nothing personal, they just aren't my fav.........This one ROCKS!!!!!! Totally smokin' hot that left my knickers a tad moist :) Dying for love? It has been said that it is the greatest gift in the world. To give your life for the one you love, there is no greater sacrifice. What must it be like to love so completly and feel that love is only one sided and can NEVER be returned?

Ms Saare did such an amazing job with this little short. I was totally pulled in by the heroine, I felt her pain. Knowing her time was coming to an end. I just might have done the same thing in her position.

This was a wonderful, naughty nibble that has definitely thrown this author into my pile of "DAMN GIRL! YOU ROCK!" authors. I give Ms Saare *SNAPS* for a terrific paranormal that really pulls at the heart and tingles the insides with lusty feelings. If you have not read this one, I highly suggest you put it in your TBR pile because you won't be sorry :) As for me.....I am going to be looking for other works by this author and praying she keeps them coming!

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J.A. Saare said...


Thank you for taking the time to read and review A Kiss Before Dying. I am stunned, honored, and speechless. Thank you so much!


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