The Stranger Behind the Kiss by Tess Thieler

Story: 7

Presentation: 9

Total: 16

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Romantic Suspense 17 Pages

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Blurb: Alone and having just moved to a new small town, Arden Majors treats herself to a wonderfully romantic movie that leaves her primed to be kissed. Little did she know that the ruggedly handsome man racing down the dimly lit alley towards her would fulfill that need. By allowing this stranger to impulsively kiss her, Arden inadvertently rescues him from a dangerous position. The tables suddenly turned on Detective Jake Summers’ surveillance job and now two drug dealers want him and the video that would put them behind bars. With fate forcing them to work together, can these two passionate strangers stay focused on the situation, and not on each other, long enough to ensure their safety…and their future?

Review: I loved it..........The spur of the moment meeting, the thrills, the chills the hot looks and feeling. I found the story well ploted and totally believable........Until the very end. I have a hard time believing that the two of them after such a short time ( maybe a few hours) could be contemplating a serious relationship and the chance of a proposal. Had it not been for that, the story would have scored higher.

Ms. Thieler did a wonderful job with the telling and the suspense. I just wish the end had not been so "easy". I would love to read more of her work and will be out scouting for more samples of this authors work.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the really nice review! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the plot so much, but I’m sorry you found the ending to be not quite believable. I personally know two couples, that during their very first meeting, marriage entered the man’s mind. I do realize how extremely rare this is, but given that they are both happily married now for twenty-some years each, their intuitions were right on target.
Exceptional - yes, but not totally impossible. ;)
~Tess Thieler

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