Love Can Be Murder by Sierra Wolfe

Story: 5

Presentation: 5

Total: 10

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Paranormal Romance 77 pages

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Blurb: Alexander Forsythe, a one hundred and three year old vampire, has an unwelcome house guest- a ghost by the name of Abbie Cowan. Not only does she throw temper tantrums on a regular basis, but she’s trashed his home and belongings. It’s time for her to be evicted.
Willow Cowan, the local witch, is a descendant of Abbie. Although Alex can’t stand witchcraft, he knows he needs Willow’s help to remove the spirit. Willow is not so sure she wants any part of a ghost hunt, until she sees a priceless family heirloom on display in Alex’s home. She agrees to help him in exchange for the necklace, though Alex is reluctant to part with the expensive jewelry.
Can they learn to work together and get past their differences? Or will Abbie be the one obstacle they can’t remove?

Review: Well, the plot had prospect but I felt the follow through was a tad on the weak side. Alex is hot, no doubt about it. Willow is saucy and I love that in a heroine. The problem that I had was Alex seemed to be very wishy-washy about Willow's use of witch-craft and spells. One minute he is dead set against it and the next he says go ahead. I also had a hard time believing that Willow would agree to come to a strangers home after only a small phone conversation where she knows nothing about him or what he wants to see her for. Even though she apologies later that it might not have been the smartest move.

Short stories are just that.....short. The author has a limited amount of time to make everything happen and I felt that the emotions were rushed. Not to say it wasn't a cute read, but I think it could have been better.

As far as the score for presentation, the editing was fine but the cover left me wanting. Just my opinion though.

Would I ever read another of Ms. Wolfe's stories? Yes I would. Her vivid imagery was wonderful I just had a hard time connecting with the characters in this one.

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