Gone With The Nerd by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Story: 9

Presentation: 10

Total: 19

Publisher: St Martins Press

Contemporary Romance

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Blurb: Movie star Zoe Tarleton has everything but respect. Now she's determined to get it by snagging the coveted role of a plain-Jane chemist. All she needs is for her decidedly uncool attorney, Flynn Granger, to teach her the Oscar-winning subtleties of being a nerd.
California's Bigfoot Country is the ideal secret hideaway for coaching. That means rehearsing the steamy scenes too. Who'd have guessed that Zoe and Flynn's performances would be so convincing? Unfortunately, something is turning their hot love story into a hair-raising thriller.
The killer bees, the poisoned food, and the toppled tree are no accidents. Someone's out to get them. Does Flynn have a love-struck woman in his life? Does Zoe have an insanely jealous fan? Or is Bigfoot real--and more resourceful than anyone imagined? It's just Zoe's luck. She's finally found the man of her dreams and the role of a lifetime--and both of them could be her last.

Review: Holy SAT score, Superman! Who'd uh thunk that a Bigfoot, a movie star and a nerdy lawyer could come together for such a cute story! Sexy, witty, nerdy......What more could a girl want? A rundown cabin in the middle of no-where-ville and Sasquatch running loose in the area? Okay, why not. Way to many hilarious instances to name, but if I must......well I must!

Lets start with a town called LONG SHAFT! LOL way to cute.....Then there is Sasquatch Diner...LONG SHAFT TRADING POST.......*snort*.... sorry, I am having to good a time writing this :) OH WOW is all I am going to say. I laughed so hard I though I was going to wet myself. but then.........Smoking hot love in the back seat of a compact car on a fuzzy BIGFOOT sleeping bag? ROFL!!!!!

Pardon as I wipe the tear from my eye.........A must read that I will be reading several more times in the future :) SNAPS Ms Thompson. You have done it again :)

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