Illegal Moves by Dalton Diaz and Samantha Cayto

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 18

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Erotic Ménage and more (This title contains m/m, f/m, m/f/m, m/m/f)

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Blurb: Attorney Caroline Ellis wants a decent orgasm or twenty. Sex has been mediocre since she and Jordan Fox split and he owes her for breaking his word and her heart.

Businessman Jordan Fox wants to win back the woman he loves. He regrets not going through with that ménage in college, but the idea of letting another man touch him made him run. It was the biggest mistake of his life and long past time to make it right.

Secretly bisexual attorney Seth Foster has his fist wrapped around a recurrent fantasy that Jordan, his boss and best friend, is not completely hetero. Never in those wildest dreams did he imagine they could come true.

Jordan’s determination to get Caroline back could fulfill each of their fantasies and more.

Review: Oh my, oh my, OH MY GOD! I’m panting, I’m wet and OH MY GOD, I’m satisfied from words on a PDF! Do not read this book without a vibrator! Now that we’ve covered the fact that this book is hot, I also want to say Illegal Moves is probably the best erotic book I’ve read all year. It wasn’t just one point in the story that touched me, and believe me when I say there were many times I was touched. (Oh wait, you probably don’t need to here that.) It wasn’t that Caroline had to face the one man who betrayed her trust, spar with his hotter than hell best friend attorney, or face the fact that she’d do one or both because she’s desperately sex neglected. It wasn’t Seth and his torment over loving a heterosexual man. Nor was it Jordan, carrying years of guilt at hurting the one woman who ever meant anything to him. He’d just been too much of a dumbass to recognize what he had before he lost it. All of these points came together in a way that made me laugh, ache and Oh Yes, squirm in my chair because the sex was just that amazing. Dalton Diaz and Samantha Cayto have given each character had depth and flaws. There were parts that made me uncomfortable and moments when I swear I channeled a gay man and felt every bit of the connection between Seth and Jordan. This book will remain on my keeper shelf…forever and if EC ever decides to put the book in print, I’ll be in line for the first copy. These are characters you never really say goodbye to. They stay with you because the book was just that brilliant.

If I had to offer a complaint, it was on the cover. While I think Ellora’s Cave has some of the sexiest, suggestive covers, I felt this example went too far. The scene displayed perfectly fits the book, but this cover pushes the limit and in my opinion is too graphic.

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