It Was in the Cards by Angeline Fiore

Story: 6

Presentation: 4

Total: 10

Publisher: Mystic Moon Press

Contemporary 22 Pages

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Blurb: Miranda Dubois longs for a tall, handsome man to take her away from her carnival life. Too many towns, and one night stands, have left her feeling like she will never find love. With every tarot card reading she gives, she dreams of seeing her own future and finding her soul mate.

Since inheriting the Mystic Dragon Occult Shoppe, Edward Jove hasn't had a moment to himself. Business obligations have kept him from enjoying his shop's success, and from finding that special someone. If he can't find love, at least he can have a little fun at the carnival.

Amidst the glitter of the midway lights, two lonely people move closer to each other. Will this magical night bring them together or keep them apart? There is only one way to find out . . .

Review: Oy Vey! Were to start? The story itself was cute. It had a good idea but the editing was almost non existant! When the same word changes spelling a couple times through the story there are issues. Is it Carney...or Carnie? The flip flop back and forth with that really irked me.

The steamy vouyer scene was nice, the hot sex with Edward was great. The characters really pulled me in and made me smile. The author did a great job that could have been made much better with decent editing. The editing was the main issue with me. It read as if it was the first round draft, though that did not take away from the story, only made it a little less appealing.

At $1.29 I have to say that it was worth the cash even with the poor editing

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