Halloween Romance by Donaya Haymond




Publisher: Eternal Press

Paranormal Romance 125 pages

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Blurb: Your secrets aren't as bad as you think.Selene believes Ferdinand would abandon her if he knew she was a werewolf, something that isn't supposed to exist. Ferdinand hides his vampirism from her for the same reasons, and must also hide from a world that thinks he's evil. He's just a melancholy English major who had a serious misadventure last summer. She's just a college student with a bizarre family history. A comedy of secrets and a romance of accepting what makes us different.

Review: When I first read the blurb for this one I was intrigued. Who wouldn’t be by a vampire and a werewolf falling in love. It definitely makes for some interesting situations, especially since they are trying to keep secret what they really are at the beginning. “Andy” is not your typical smoking hot vamp. He appears gaunt and stickly as a result of consuming animal blood instead of human. Not really a big issue, different but not bad. Selene is said to be some-what geeky herself, not the typical drop dead sexy heroine one might expect in a romance. The fact that the hero and heroine are basically “normal” in the looks department I found to be a bit refreshing. Hey we all want the big sexy hunk, but in reality, most of us fall into the normal range.

The story itself sometimes felt like words were there for the sake of putting in words. Some of the scenes simply didn’t seem to fit into the story plot at all. The plot itself was good, the bad guy predictable and the ending happy……enough.

The loving was sparse and not depicted (no problems there), the characters were relatable and the friendships meaningful. I wondered a couple times about the number of people who knew about the afflictions of the two main characters and how easily they seemed to have accepted it. All in all it was enjoyable.

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