Shoe In For Love by Bronwyn Storm

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Story: 8
Total score: 16
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Sweet Vintage Romance

Blurb: For shoe designer Nessie Helph, 1984 is another year in the struggle to keep herself safe from her malicious supervisor, Grace Hart. Nessie’s problems worsen when she finds out the company, Victor & Victoria, has been sold to Leo Schumacher.
Known as “The Lumberjack,” Leo’s reputation for cutting costs and hacking jobs is legendary, but Nessie’s prepared for any contingency…except the effect he has on her heart. She may not be able to get her hair to feather like Heather Locklear’s, but surely she has the skills to win both her dream job and her dream man.
Is Nessie a shoe-in—er, shoo-in—for love, or will her efforts leave her heart sinking into the soles of her jelly sandals?

Review: This was a great little read. A heart warming, root for the underdog, no one deserves to get kicked around story. Nessie is one of those girls you ache for. Always getting the short end of the stick from her nasty boss. The story was full of funny little bits and tummy tugging spots that will leave you feeling refreshed and fulfilled when you hit the end. I loved it!

Good editing, sound story line and plot. all in all a great read!

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