A Gift of Love by Wendy Stone

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 7.5
Total score: 16
Publisher: Eternal Press
Historical Romance, 16,900 words
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Blurb: Danielle had no idea what would happen to her when her cruel stepmother called for her. She didn’t know she was being sold in marriage to a man she’d never met. And when she did meet him, she couldn’t see beyond the foreboding mask he wore.
Christopher would pay any price to win Danielle as his own, even respecting her request for separate bedrooms. But can his gentleness win her over, or will she always see him as the beast?

Review: A very nice mix of Cinderella and Phantom of the Opera. Such a heart warming story about what can happen when you take the time to really get to know a person. When you look past outward appearance to see what is inside. I was thrilled when I started reading this story and it started to take shape. Definitly NOT a boring short read.
I am always pleased when I start a book or short story and find myself unable to put it down until the bitter end. Then I find myself amazed and a little sad that it's over. This, for me, was one of those stories. I fell in love with the characters. Nothing about them gave me pause.
A well writen story with all the elements for a good romance. The editing was clean, the cover is what dropped the score a bit. Not bad mind you for I have seen much worse, but not as good as I feel it could have been.
This is a story I have filed in my keeper pile. Don't let me be the only one! Take a chance, snap up a great short read and let yourself experience the magic in this story.

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