Kalquor Series V: Alien Slave by Tracy St. John

Story:  6
Presentation:  3
Total: 9
Publisher: New Concepts
Erotic Sci Fi
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Blurb: Clans of Kalquor 5. Dani Watson is a sex slave on the planet of Dantovon. Having escaped post-Armageddon Earth, she’s resigned to spending several years working in a brothel to pay off her slave contract. Her one consolation is that she avoided being captured and enslaved by the Kalquorians.

Review: I love Tracy St. Johns 'Kalquor Series'. The Kalquorians are prime examples of uber-manliness, yet caring and protective of their women. If they were real, I'd like a clan of my own!
Alien Slave starts with Danielle or Dani as she's mostly called in the book, an Earther woman who rather than be taken by the Kalquorians, has sold herself into sexual slavery to escape a nuclear devastated Earth. She has a stipulation in her contract about not wanting to serve Kalquorian men, as they are the enemy and all. However, she soon finds herself being employed by a Kalquorian clan, and as they've paid a large sum, she figures that one night couldn't hurt, and maybe she'd get her contract paid off a bit sooner than planned. She soon learns that one night with the Kalquorian clann will never be enough. It's a hot sexy romp with a plot. It's sizzling hot erotica at it's best, the way erotica was meant to be. If you haven't read any of the Kalquor Series, I highly recommend you get the series, you won't regret it!

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