Tell Me, Touch Me, Feel Me by Cassanna Dwight

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Evernight
Erotic Contemporary Romance
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Blurb: Club Lexx, 3
Luther Lexington has no clue why his brother John sent for him, but he doesn't question it. What he doesn't expect to find is a mocha beauty in the guise of security personnel. She throws her fists first and asks questions later.

Tanya Babineaux did what she was supposed to do as a Club Lexx security guard—make trespassers leave by any means necessary. How was she to know Luther was the owner's little brother.

As things heat up, Tanya tries to keep her distance. She harbors a secret, and if Luther doesn't stop chasing her…she could lose everything.

Be Warned: light bondage, violence.

Review: This is the second book by Ms. Kassana that I've read (skipping Book #2 in her Club Lexx series) and I'm utterly charmed by her and her characters. For being so short, she certainly builds up a lot of passion and heat between her characters. Former characters were there (the couples from the first two bokos) and several men (and a woman) I hope to see in later books (Tanya's trainer and Donovan, pretty please?!).

I didn't particularly care for the inclusion of just why Tanya chose/needed to do the fighting she did. It seemed barely touched on, a couple of references and the inevitable "why didn't you tell me, I could have given you the money" at the end. Maybe if she'd fleshed this out a bit, made it a serious problem for Tanya (in that it got more page time) it would have meshed better for me.
Still, I enjoyed this book and heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, good read with lovely, and flawed, characters.

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