The Seduction of Sebastian St. James by Rachel Van Dyken

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Astraea Press
Regency Historical
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Blurb: When the angelic Duke of Tempest, Sebastian St. James, appeared unexpectedly at his boyhood friend’s home, he had but one goal: Find a suitable wife as soon as possible. However, his impeccable reputation made him a prime target for ambitious mothers of debutante daughters. He needed a plan.

Help came in the form of an unlikely alliance with Miss Emma Gates, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy viscount, who has deemed herself on the shelf, and only wants to marry in order to appease her parents. Together they could sort through the mire of would-be mates to find their perfect matches. That is, if they could keep their hands off each other long enough to pursue likely candidates.

When a man from Emma’s past makes a play for her hand, the truth about her life threatens to destroy Sebastian’s reputation, a reputation he has carefully guarded since his youth. In the end, the Angel Duke has to make a choice that will end up changing his reputation forever.

Review: Emma has a secret that haunts her, a past scandal that never happened. The "Angel Duke" as he is called is out to find a wife. The two meet and decide to help each other find a suitable mate. Instead in the midst of it all they find themselves engaging in a dance of adventure and seduction. Both secrets come back to haunt them but what will they both risk for a chance at love with each other?

This was a more than fantastic read. It had all the steam a romance would provide in a clean manner. The characters in the story were very well constructed. The plot was amazing with the perfect amount of twists and turns to keep the reader pinned deep into the pages. The minute I started reading this I just could not put it down. I lost sleep over this book burning the midnight oil. The story does not lag at all. Rachel Van Dyken has definitely outdone herself with "The Seduction of Sebastian St. James"

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