Dear Zari by Zarghuna Kargar

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Presentation: 10
Total: 20
Publisher: Sourcebooks
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Blurb: Moving, enlightening, and heartbreaking, Dear Zari gives voice to the secret lives of Afghan women. For the first time, Dear Zari allows these women to tell their stories in their own words: from the child bride given as payment to end of a family feud, to a life spent in a dark, dusty room weaving carpets, from a young girl being brought up as a boy, to a woman living as a widow shunned by society.

Intimate, emotional, painful and uplifting, these stories uncover the suffering and strength of women in this deeply religious and intensely traditional society, and show how their courage is an inspiration to women everywhere.

Review: This is one of those books that you shouldn't read if you are emotional toward the struggles of others. I cried.

The stories of these women, in a society so different than mine, really opened my eyes and my heart. So many times people the world over can sit in their living rooms watching the news and say, WOW, that must suck.....but to read the stories, stories about REAL women and their lives, was an emotionally moving experience.

It will make you appreciate what you have and ache for those who have to live with struggles daily. I give SNAPS not only to the author but to ALL the women in Afghanistan and those who are not there anymore. Your stories invoked feelings in me so deep that words just won't do justice. I love you all. XOXOXOX

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Hina said...

I agree with you
please look for Zari's next project. I dont know when the book will be published, but the documentry will be released in March 2013, you can have a look at the link bellow. Thanks

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