Warrior Reborn by K. H. LeMoyne

Story: 8
Presentation: 7
Total: 15
Publisher: Digital Crystal Press
Paranormal Romance
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Blurb: How far would you go to save the ones you love?

Having successfully hidden her abilities from humans for two hundred years, Briet applies her Guardian gifts to help patients in need. Until she meets her human soul mate, Jason Ballard, who holds the reins to the Briet’s patients’ cancer protocol. Can she trust a man all too human and grounded in his world to understand hers? Yet, when a deadly threat targets her patients, he is the only one she trusts to help stop an evil that only the Guardians can fight.

Rules delineate every facet of Jason’s professional and personal life. The last thing he expects is to find temptation in the new spitfire doctor on his latest test team. Especially as she starts stirring up issues. Dangerous issues. Issues flagging jeopardy for the lives of the children in the test. Issues his employer, would prefer be ignored. Honor forces Jason to walk a dangerous line between job and conscience as he joins with Briet to ferret out the twisted scheme in time to save her patients. In a final life-altering decision, he will risk every careful plan he’s ever made for the woman he values more than life.

Review: Briet is a guardian, interacting with the humans in hopes of finding her mate. She finds him, but he's not exactly what she was hoping for. Jason doesn't want attachments in his life. Slowly, he comes to terms with the fact that Briet isn't like his usual women, she's somehow gotten under his skin. When Briet almost dies and Jason finds out what Briet is, he doesn't hesitate to do everything he can to make sure she lives. Briet is astounded at the turn of events, when she awakens from the dream sleep she was put in to help heal her. I hope there are more books in this series. There are so many things I want to know. I love the concept of the guardians, and would love for K. H. LeMoyne to fill in the rest of the story. She's a fantastic story teller. I will definitely be on the look out for more of her books.

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