Saving Micah (Sequel to Conquering Jude) by Dakota Lee Trace

Story: 4
Total: 12
Publisher: eXcessica
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Blurb: Once active in the BDSM lifestyle, Myrna Doherty was betrayed by the very man who’d promised to love her and her submissive obedience forever: her husband and Master. When Grant leaves both her and Caelan behind Myrna vows to never allow herself to depend upon any Dom again. She never expects to go back on her vow, but then again she never expects her home to be invaded by Doms and subs for the holidays in the disguise of her family.
Panicked at the idea of alienating what little family she has left, she comes up with a plan. She turns to the one man left in the lifestyle she trusts: Amery Alastar, Caelan’s former mentor. She prays that he’ll agree to help ease her back into the now unfamiliar world of BDSM. After all it’s only temporary - until Christmas is over and she can return to her normal life. At least it’s what she tells herself, never realizing Amery has a completely different outcome in mind: he wants her submission and not just temporarily.
Review: I liked the beginning of the story. Olivia and Jude went to rescue Micah, after he was badly brutalized by a Domme and her sub. BDSM isn't my thing, but I don't mind reading about it. I don't have it in me to be either a domme or a sub, but a story isn't real life. I thought things were moving along pretty good, Olivia and Jude were getting Micah to trust them again. Then the author through in Jude's 5 year old daughter, and some of the things she'd overheard both from her mother and from Jude. That was a strain on the book right there, for me. Then at the end, Olivia has a collaring ceremony in a BDSM club, to which Jude's daughter was invited. Granted, the author did say that Olivia went to great lengths to make the club 'kid friendly', but that just sealed the deal for me right there. No 5 year old should, in my opinion, be in a club like that at all. So I have reservations about this book. It's half & half for me, about recommending it. I'm trying not to be biased because I don't get into the whole BDSM lifestyle, but it's hard because the author had Jude's daughter there, and participating in the collaring. Granted, only hading the collars to Olivia, but still... I can't help thinking that children shouldn't be exposed to this, and knowing they're exposed to so much worse sometimes. 

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