Midnight by Megan Derr

Story: 10
Presentation: 10
Total: 20
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Paranormal GBLT Romance
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Blurb: Lord Devlin White, Duke of Winterbourne, is the last in a long line of powerful witches who assist the Demon Lord of London in keeping control of the Nightwalkers living amongst normal men. With all but one of his siblings gone to the new American colonies, his proud family line all but ended, Devlin is kept from gloom and despair only by unusual ward, Midnight.

Neither alive nor dead, sustained by magic and a bond to Devlin, and confined to the night, Midnight is happy to spend his life by Devlin’s side—though he longs for the day that Devlin sees him as more than a ward. But the powerful magic that raised him from the dead is desperately sought by someone who will stop at nothing to obtain the secret of Midnight that Devlin would die to protect...               

Review: Megan Derr has taken a common theme-zombies-and made it something extraordinary. Rather than call the walking dead zombies, she's called them 'daugrs'. I've read a few of Megan's short stories, but Midnight is my first taste of her longer works. All I can say is...MORE! Midnight is bursting at the seams with paranormal creatures. Not only does it feature daugrs, but demons, dragons (and their companion knights), shifters, angels, imps, witches and vampires, as well as a ghost and a wolf, elf, human combination of Devlin's assistant Barra. The result is a highly entertaining and original romance story. Don't let the fact that it's listed as a m/m story stop you from reading this, because if you do, you'll be missing out on a fantastic story! The basic premises about Midnight and Devlin White, 11th Duke of Winterbourne and a black witch. When Midnight is turned into a daugr as a child, Devlin devises a series of spells, to give Midnight some sort of life, that was taken from him far too soon. However, the spells actually work to bind the two together, as long as Devlin's heart beats, so does Midnight's, allowing him to grow up and preventing him from rotting, like a normal daugr. When Midnight is about 15, he realizes that he loves Devlin, as a man, not as his guardian. He fears that Devlin will never see him as anything except a child. However, Devlin does see Midnight as more than a child, but fears that he's taken away Midnights free will because of the way they are bound together. Fortunately for them, they do get a happily-ever-after ending.

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