The Green Man by Lee Mather

Story:  6
Presentation: 6
Total: 12
Publisher Damnation Books
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Blurb: Peter never believed in the Green Man. He told himself the story was just his mother’s way of making sense of tragedy. An educated man with little faith in anything, Peter had no patience for supposed premonitions. That day—the day of the flight—was different. With his mother’s latest warning ringing in his ears, the plane began to falter. Peter’s world was about to change.

Review: I found this short story in the horror section, however I think it would be more comfortable in a paranormal or supernatural section. That said, it was a nice easy read that works just enough of the mind to make the readers imagination give him/her a picture of the main scene. It is the type of story a reader might picture seeing on the old show Amazing Stories and gives the reader a nice twenty minute break from his/her own reality. Even though it is short, the reader should be left with closure and should not be left with questions about the story as no gaps in the background are noticeable. While this story may not leave the reader with a since that he/she just read a piece of literary greatness, this brief piece does show that the writer knows how to write and may leave the reader feeling comfortable enough with the writer to read more of his work. I have read better, but I have read much worse.

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