Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

(The Reviewer received 2 bottles of Bob's All Purpose sauce in exchange for their honest opinion of the product)
It was 1968 when Country Bob Edson perfected his sauce recipe and today we call it All Purpose Sauce because it was more than just a steak sauce. Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce has remained the flagship item since 1982 when Country Bob, Inc. was established.

Review: I am a BBQ lover. Well, not just BBQ, I like saucing meat period, whether it's broiled, smoked, baked or fried. Sauce for me is just the little cherry on top that can transform a meal into a masterpiece :)

True to it's name, County Bob's All Purpose Sauce was good on everything I tried. Chicken, burgers, steak, brisket, ribs, pork...heck I even dipped a fry or two in the tasty concoction. County Bob's was nice enough to send me two bottles of their all purpose sauce to try. I took one bottle with me to a neighborhood block party that I went to with my family over the weekend and shared the sauce with all.

The results were unanimous. Everyone from mom and dad down to some picky tween LOVED the sauce. The sweet/spicy/vinegary flavor seemed to complement everything...even a crawfish or two.  one person stated that it needed a little more spice, everyone else, myself and family included, thought that the all purpose sauce was end that added just enough but didn't overpower. Many asked where they could get their own bottle :)

After the party we ended up having a good bit of leftovers to tote home so the next day for lunch, I used Country Bob's sauce as the bind for chopped beef sandwiches tover brisket. Talk about yummy :)

Overall I have to say that Country Bob's is totally a sauce that I would keep in my home at all times. The tangyt sauce is one of the best that I have tried in awhile as all purpose sauces go. I am happy to recomend this sauce to anyone I know. If I had more bottles I would totally take it to every single outdoor function that we are going to this summer...I think I will be searching it out in my local food marts :)


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