Claiming Her Geeks by Eve Langlais

Story: 10
Presentation: 10
Total: 20
Publisher: ARE
Contemporary Paranormal Menage Romance
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Blurb: How does an alpha she-wolf who can snap a man in half, learn to love and accept a pair of males who can only beat her in a game of chess?

Deena’s searched a long time for a man she can claim, but nobody’s ever stirred her interest, until Simon and Frank. The moment she meets the nerdy friends, she wants to mark them as her own, but as alpha of her pack, she can’t settle for a pair of geeks as her mates even if in the bedroom they make her submit.

At first Deena terrifies them, but as Simon and Frank get to know her, they realize that beneath the tough exterior is a woman who wants a man—or two—to take control. When it comes to fistfights, they might not have the strength to prevail, but in a battle of the mind and heart, they’ve got the smarts it takes to emerge victorious, to her screaming pleasure.

Trust fate and two men, to show this she-wolf that with a little bit of bondage, teasing and pleasure, she can claim the geeks who draw her, because after all, even a bitch can’t fight fate and her need for love.
Review: Eve Langlais has a way of mixing romance, humor and erotica in ways that I’ve not seen many authors able to duplicate. She makes you feel like the characters could be you, or someone you know. Claiming Her Geeks is about a female alpha wolf looking for her mate. Deena, the alpha, thinks that her mate has to be just like her. It takes Simon and Frank, her ‘geeky’ mates to show her what she needs. Frank and Simon are scholars in their pack and therefore have the knowledge that Deena doesn’t. They know that what makes the rare female alpha’s different, is that they usually take two or more mates. While Deena must be tough on the outside, Frank and Simon know that she needs someone that will love her in private, and maybe even let her be the submissive one. 

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