Seducing the Stone by Naomi Bellina

Story: 5
Presentation: 9
Total: 14
Noble Romance
Erotic Fantasy
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Blurb: A charming fairy and a diligent security professional both claim rights to a precious sapphire, the Starry Night. Raya needs the stone to save a valuable lake, and Max needs to make sure the gem stays in its proper place for a private showing at the museum.

Chasing Raya and the stone, Max travels between Earth and Raya’s planet, and while Max starts out with only one goal in mind, to return the stone to its home, he ends up on a lively adventure, interacting with several races of exotic beings who once resided on Earth.

Though captivated by the lovely Raya, Max has sworn to stay away from women after having been deceived by a beautiful but unscrupulous girlfriend in his past. The more time he spends with the enchanting fairy, however, the more he wants her. Raya is different from anyone he has ever met and even a man with iron willpower will have a difficult time resisting a determined fairy with her own secret agenda!

Review: The concept is good, but fails to deliver in the writing.

The main character, Raya, comes off a bit fake. After a bit of 'oh I can't', she just starts doing the nasty with everyone/thing that poses a threat.

It's an original short story, and would receive a higher score if it was expanded a bit. Every time the hero asks her a question,her standard reply is to tell just a little bit, and then say 'it's too long of a story to go into right now'. This would be better if the author took the time to rewrite it and make it into a longer book.

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