All Systems Optimal by Angela Daniels

Story: 8
Presentation: 7
Total: 15
Publisher: New Dawning International Bookfair  
Sci-Fi Erotic
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Blurb: Tage is facing banishment from the planet he calls home, and the only two humans who call him friend. He’s not suppose to care. It’s not part of his programming. But as his departure gets closer he’s plagued with unfamiliar sensations and thoughts that can only be described as erotic. All aimed at Sean and Lolly. On his last night with them will he discover he’s capable of love, only to have to say goodbye?

Review: Ok, so I took a chance on this one.  I have to say with only going off of the cover art and title, I was pleasantly pleased.

Tage, is an Android having un-programmed emotions... and it is his ruggedly sexy best friend, Ian, and his incurable flirt girlfriend, Lolly, that those lustful emotion are reacting to.  Tomorrow, he is scheduled to be exiled on another planet.  But that is tomorrow, and this is tonight. Tonight, Tage has accepted his ability to feel emotions and is finally able to share them with the two people he realizes he loves.  Sensations flair as this tryst's passion erupts.  Now can they get what they want the most? A whole new life, together?

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