What the Lady Wants by DC Juris

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Breathless Press
GLBT Erotica
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Blurb: When Keenan's lover, Naro, reveals the deep, dark secret of his past, Keenan must decide how strong their love really is. But Keenan has a secret of his own -- one that's right up Naro's alley.

Review: DC Juris plops the reader right into a steamy sex scene. Things are getting hot and heavy when Naro stops Keenan to reveal a secret--he was born a she. Thanks to magic, his father had him re-sexed. Needless to say, Naro is confused by his own desires and sexuality, but Keenan is an open-minded and understanding lover, who accepts and encourages Naro to explore needs long suppressed.

This story is not for the close minded. It is for those who like a good love story in a sci-fi/fantasy setting with solid world building. I, personally, can’t wait to explore more of this author’s offerings.

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