Doggone But Not Forgotten by Cynthia Selwyn

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 17
Publisher: Breathless Press
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Blurb:She needs to get out of there, fast.

Eighteen years ago, Jack Radigan took Carrie Moore’s virginity—then broke her heart by marrying her best friend. Now Carrie’s Nana has died, forcing her back to Rhode Island, where she’s trying to sell off Nana’s estate before she runs into him. But Nana had a dog not even her lawyer knew about, and it appears Carrie’s plan is doomed. Because the Irish wolfhound seems to have an agenda all her own, and it involves making Carrie deal with Jack—the town’s animal control officer—on a daily basis. The havoc the beast wreaks is costing Carrie a fortune. Hopefully, it won’t cost the last whole bits of her heart, too.

Jack married Becky…but he didn’t love her.

She was pregnant and he needed to be a father to the child. Now, Becky’s gone, and Carrie’s back home. So when her dog runs amok in their town of Narragansett, it’s his job to get the animal under control. But first, he has to control his desire to kiss Carrie, the woman he was meant to marry many years before.

Review: you know...normally I don't really dig romance stories with characters who have grown kids but I have to say that there was just something about this one that really rocked for me. Funny, witty and emotional, this one had it all for me. The baggage of the past and the concerns for the future. Characters that had layers and all worked well together to really make the story pop.

Thank you, Ms Selwyn, for allowing the rest of the world to enjoy your work :)

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