Solo Honeymoon by Jillian Chantal

Story: 7
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 15.5
Publisher: Siren BookStrand
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Blurb: Emma Chauncey finds her fiancé naked with one of her bridesmaids on top of him three days before her wedding. Burned by the experience, she takes a friend on her honeymoon. They travel to an Italian villa where Emma plans to nurse her broken heart.

Wealthy, titled, and handsome women’s shoe designer Dario de Luca is also at the villa. In disguise as a dance instructor, he’s determined to find a woman to love him for himself, not his wealth and title. Sparks fly between Emma and Dario, until she learns his true identity. Hurt that another man has lied to her, and distrusting her own judgment, she flees. Dario follows her to New York. But Emma’s former fiancé is back with an agenda of his own. Can Dario convince Emma he’s the man for her even though he lied about his identity? Can he convince her she deserves true love?

Note: This book contains adult language.

Review: I'll admit that once I started reading I got a bit worried. For me this title started off a bit slow but turned around pretty well. Using a pretty classic plot, I found that I was pulled along with the characters on their journey...and discovered it was one that I was glad to have been on with them :)

While it may not be one that I ever read again I found that as a whole I enjoyed this book :)

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