Acting Naughty by GA Hauser

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: GA Hauser Collection
m/m Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Keith O’Leary has been trying to break into acting for ages. When he is offered a part in the newest cable television drama he realizes it could be the chance of a lifetime. Only it means playing a gay man and Keith, live-in girlfriend and all, is definitely straight. Or so he thought, until sexy Carl Bronson kisses him on camera.

Carl Bronson, the consummate professional, never thought he’d fall for a co-star, but he has, and hard, for Keith. To Carl’s amazement the feeling is mutual, and soon the sparks start to fly both on screen and off. Things are perfect until someone threatens to expose them as real lovers, placing their future in the acting business in jeopardy.

Will they follow the advice of Keith’s agent Adam Lewis, and deny, deny, deny their true feelings to the tabloids? Or take the chance and expose themselves, their love and possibly risk their careers? Sometimes the hardest role for an actor is real life.

Review: I enjoyed so much of this story, I’d say 90%, but the parts I didn’t enjoy, I really hated. Lol Carl and Keith are perfect together. I love how their relationship developed and how they came to terms with their attraction to one another and also the fear of discovery. Carl seemed much more at ease with his sexuality and was willing to embrace it easier than Keith. Keith had moments where my heart ached for him, and times I wanted to ring his neck. I think that makes for a great internal conflict within a character. The story is about the characters. Their wants, their fears, acceptance and sadly that there are those, even those we love, who can’t or won’t accept simple truths. The sex was hot, the “acting scenes” even hotter because the sexually tension sizzled on the page. There are numerous story threads left unexplored. The only resolution is that Carl and Keith are going to live together and explore their relationship. In the end this is definitely a book worth reading.

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