Rodeo Rescue by Teri Wilson

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Inspirational Romance
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Blurb: With the ink still dry on her new veterinary license, Rodeo Queen Ruth Davis returns to Angel Springs as the new town vet. It seems her plans to save the world as a veterinary missionary are on hold. But, when her first patient arrives in the arms of battered rodeo man, Dodge Atwell, she realizes God has bigger plans than she ever dreamed possible.

The last thing Dodge wants, or needs, in his life is Ruth. Her annoying habit of quoting Scripture only serves to remind him that she’s everything he’s not—Pure, innocent, good.

When Dodge returns to her clinic, with yet another rescued dog, Ruth cannot help but become fascinated with the man and his scars—the physical ones there for the world to see, as well as spiritual ones she senses lurking beneath the surface.

Could the reluctant animal savior be the hero she’s been waiting for all her life?

Review: I am going to sound like a broken record but I just can't help it. Ms Wilson has done it AGAIN!!!!

Ms Wilson is a totally ROCKING author whose talent astounds me. She has the ability to pull you in as a reader and make you PART of the story. As this is a story in a series and I have read the first I have to say that I FEEL like I am part of this town and all the characters. The emotion is strong and the events are real. I LOVE the way Ms Wilson just lets it all flow in such a magical way. It came as no surprise to me how much I loved this story as there has been NOTHING of Ms Wilsons that I have read so far that has not just blown me away. I am looking forward to reading her work for years to come.

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