Someone Else's Man by Kris Klein

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Shadowfire Press

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Blurb: Diego is in a long term and stable relationship with his lover Juan, so he doesn't deal well with the insistent come ons of Corey, an eighteen year old acquaintance. Though the kid's hot, Diego's taken.

Corey isn't one to give up, which is good since Diego discovers something about Juan that upsets him so much that Corey seems to be the answer to his pain.

Can a guy on the rebound find love with a younger man?

Review: It’s hot and raunchy. I love Kris Klein’s style. The humor, the naughty situations, and the characters that stumble into the best erotic encounters. Along with the men, the writing is tight. The flavor is unique to Kris.

In Someone Else's Man, Diego is charming from the opening. And I liked Corey. Right away I wanted them to be together. However, I would have liked the catalyst for Diego going after Corey to have been more motivated by his want of Corey rather than Juan’s betrayal. But that doesn’t change my opinion on the story, because it’s clear by the end, that Diego is just where he belongs. Along the way, there is hot man on man sex that’ll make your toes curl in the most erotic ways.

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