Marked by Emma Hillman

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Excessica
BDSM, Erotic Contemporary

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The Recruits: Book One

When Faye wakes up after a lust-filled night and finds herself tied to a man she thought belonged to someone else, she realizes there’s a lot more to her friends than she could have ever imagined.

Being Mated to an Immortal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be however. Of course, the sex is hot and just plain amazing, but she needs more from Jake. She just hopes he’ll come to realize this before it’s too late…

Review: Marked was a mixed bag of emotions for me. There were times I was reading that I just loved the places Ms. Hillman was taking me with the story. It’s one of those stories where you sort of feel like a voyeur looking in on someone’s secrets. I could feel the tension, the want to trust, knowing that if Faye made one choice it would surely come with a cost. But then you’re feeling naughty, you want to experience Jake just the way she is because there is something dark, dangerous…and delicious about him. In the beginning of the story, you don’t know that there is anything special about Jake, Chris and Sophia. You know something is brewing, but when the truths about Marked are revealed, you’ll feel much the way Faye does. Confused at first, but then curious and finally to realize, hey, this is a pretty cool situation. But there were moments when the story broke down for me. Faye didn’t seem…well, dumb throughout most of the story. But she has a few less than brilliant moments toward the end that seemed to tackle a plot point without the level of success I usually am blown away by with Emma’s books. The ending made me smile and want to spend a few more pages with them. And finally, the reason we love erotic stories. There is so much sex in this story, so plan to spend your moments with Faye and Jake turned on because the sex—all of the sex—is the yummy, naughty make you sweat kind.

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