Bull Handler by Morgan Sierra

Story: 4
Presentation: 8
Total: 12
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Ménage Erotic romance
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Blurb: Courtney and Nils have brought a bull into their bed for a one-night trial. One night to see if this man can take charge and bring all their darkest fantasies to life. Nils wants to submit—to both his wife and another man. Courtney wants him to submit to her, but she also wants something a little more intense and a little less mainstream. A long night of kinky, no-holds-barred sex with their powerful bull will give them what they’ve been dreaming of.

Review: The blurb makes this sound a perfectly naughty little story. And it had the makings of just that. The premise is fantastic, but the story failed to deliver for me and here is why.

The opening is too abrupt. This is a super short story but a few more words should have been used to introduce us to the characters. The opening is confusing. The roles aren’t defined and what I did get I didn’t like. While they might have wanted to spice up their marriage, I couldn’t get past Courtney and her emphasis on the fact Nils can’t satisfy her. I thought the bull they brought to their bed was actually a jackass and when I do eventually learn that he’s just playing a role that Courtney and Nils need from him, it’s too late. I spent three quarters of the story disliking him. The blurb led me to believe that I’d get some yummy manlove in this story. That isn’t what I took from the book. A bit of a blowjob, that I’m not convinced Nils even wanted to give, doesn’t equate to Nils wanting to submit to another man. I got that he was really doing this for Courtney and he does get into the ménage. But what also contradicts his character is that he has a moment after the main event where he is angry and a bit jealous that the bull could please Courtney and she “never looks like that” for him. She gives him some feel good words and then okay let’s go for another round of sex. The cover is nice, but a little more attention should have been given to the editing on this one. It was not up to the usual standard of Ellora’s Cave.

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