Toy Training by Vee Michaels

Story: 9
Presentation: 8
Total: 17
Publisher: Breathless Press
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Minerva Richards, a local politician, is a woman who has never had an orgasm. Her friends tease her about her prudish nature but cannot get her to lighten up. One night, after a few margaritas, she loses a bet and has to take a sex toys training class at a local adult store.

Though very uncomfortable surrounded by sexy gadgets, Minerva vows to get through the class, if only to shut her friends up.

There she sees Danny, her dogs' veterinarian, and she's sure she'll die from embarrassment. But as the class moves along, her barriers break down and Minerva finds herself doing things she'd never imagined. Can one two-hour class change her views about sex forever?

Review: OMG!!!!!! Okay, so I like to think I am pretty open-minded. I know what I like both in books and…..yeah you get the idea. But I TOTALLY did NOT get any impressions whatsoever that the main female character in this story was going to be a grandmother based on the blurb!

Now I realize that some women become grandmothers at a pretty young age but still. The image that popped into my mind was not that of a younger woman. All description of her went out the window when I read that she was a grandmother. Suddenly I saw my Nana creeping into the back of a sex toy shop. EWWW!

As I continued to read I just kept getting more and more Nana images in my mind. When finally her age was revealed it was late forties to early fifties. Don’t get me wrong, I love great descriptions and reading about the teachers “full ass, dimpled with cellulite” that jiggled with every step sure got a snort from me. Again I pictured my Nana in that classroom looking at those naughty pictures and cringing.

The cock ring demonstration and Grannies response to it had me laughing so hard I thought I would wet myself. And I kept reading. So we continue through a girl on girl floor show about how to use a dildo and then the other members of the class start to get frisky with their partners.

Nana and her Vet get on the same page that they like each other and then start to kiss when in her mind she screams “Have mercy on a grandma” AHHH!!! I literally clamped my hands over my mouth and screamed! (Hell, even as I write this my cheeks are cramping from me smiling so hard!)

Yes there is Memaw and Papaw sex but it wasn’t over the top with descriptions. So here is my sum up of this story. NOT WHAT I EXPECTED!! But holy Hell if you want to laugh your ass off then you have got to pick this one up! I am not sure when the last time was that I enjoyed a shorty this much.

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Wanda said...

Thank you Seriously Reviewed for the reading Toy Training and taking the time to give your reaction. I love your enthusiasm and that you enjoyed it. (Even with the Memaw and Papaw action - LOL)

Vee Michaels

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