Naughty Godmother by Chloe Cole

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 15.5
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Fantasy Erotic
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Blurb: It’s only her first day on the new job, and already fairy Holly Tucket is in over her head as she attempts to use her powers to turn super nerd Alex Nelson into a ladykiller. Little does she know Alex isn’t who he pretends to be, and when it comes to making women melt, he doesn’t need any help.

Security expert Alex Nichlaus has been undercover for four months and is putting the finishing touches on a smuggling case that has kept him secluded and celibate. When a sexy redhead shows up on his balcony claiming to be a fairy sent to teach him how to please a woman, he just can’t bring himself to send her away.

Review: This was a pretty cute story. Had the super strong emotions not come so fast after these two meet I would have found it much more believable… HOWEVER it was still a really cute read.

The whole Naughty Godmother thing? ROCKED!! I loved the entire spin on the fairy world and how Holly used to be a Tooth Fairy. Very cool and imaginative. The sex was hot and the story flowed very well.

All in all a good fast read that left me with a smile :)

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