Most Eligible by Lindsay Marene Ordone

Story: 5
Presentation: 8
Total: 13
Publisher: Decadent
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Blurb: Gavin Dimarco is a journalist for The Los Angeles Times. As Gavin Martin, however, he is a successful author of historical mystery novels. When his agent calls with an opportunity to be the next reality TV “Bachelor,” he agrees—with one stipulation. None of the ladies vying for his heart can know his true identity until the end of the show. Gavin’s past has made him leery of women seeking his fortune, and that fear has left him alone, with only his dog and his love of reading as company. When Gavin meets the girl of his dreams right before Most Eligible airs, he’s ready to abandon the show. Everyone knows that you can’t find true love in a week on a TV show. When Hollywood reality meets Gavin’s reality, he has to make a tough choice—is he still eligible?

Review: One thing that you don’t get from the blurb is that this story is in first person. If I put that aside because it really isn’t that big a deal, I still just didn’t dig the story which is really sad because I really wanted to.

The blurb really snagged me but once I got started I found myself left wanting. The majority of the story is being “told” to the reader. Not an active dialogue and for me that just made me feel like I was missing so much of the story. It seemed to just fly through some parts and linger over others that I really wasn’t interested in.

The idea that these 2 people could fall in love after only 5 or 6 days of knowing each other and only about a couple hours of any type of conversation just wasn’t believable to me. I realize that there are times when folks just click with each other but I still had a really hard time buying it.

The author had a way with words and attention to certain details but I think I would like to read something else by her before I make a final call to put her on my must read list.

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