Hardening by Jamieson Wolf

Story: 5
Presentation: 9
Total: 14
Publisher: Breathless Press
Contemporary erotic romance, m/m
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Blurb: Owen thought he had everything he'd ever wanted.

In love with his best friend Daniel, Owen is thrilled when they finally explore their growing attraction and each other's bodies. But nothing good lasts for long.

Owen is shocked when Daniel tells him he can't come out of the closet. He can't be gay. Crushed and alone, Owen tries to mend his heart, but these things take time. Thankfully, there are a few things that speed up the healing process.

When Owen sees a gorgeous guy by the name of Titan jerking off at a urinal, Owen wonders if single life will be such a bad thing after all.

Review: For the sex, this story is good, but a bit mechanical. There was good action, but without any investment in the characters, I didn’t feel any of it. It was like a few pages were pulled from a bigger story. What filler there was to give the story a small semblance of romance, and to connect the two sex scenes, failed to deliver. In fairness to the author, I knew what I was getting when requesting a book with so few pages, but in those pages I was expecting a better story. I’ve read Mr. Wolf before and this one doesn’t meet the standard he’s set for himself with other published works. That said, it’s still okay. But in a super short story, where really the only purpose is to give the reader sex on an “ereader”, I wanted better sex.

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