Getaway by Cara McKenna

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Exotica f/m/m
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Blurb: A sequel to Backwoods and Shivaree.

Six months ago Natalie drove away from Louisiana and a three-day, two-man rebound to be reckoned with. Now back in snowy Rochester, she wasn’t expecting to see either of those Southern gentlemen again. She certainly wasn’t expecting to find one standing in her work parking lot one afternoon without a word of warning.

Cold turkey is what Shane’s after. He’s been with his lover Gabriel for a year now—a year of hot sex and obsessive attraction that’s left him with a death grip on the tattered remains of his heterosexuality and too many sleepless nights. Desperate for a clean break, Shane hopes hiding out at Natalie’s for a week or two will do the trick. She sure as hell owes him one fine rebound.

But Shane quickly discovers that banishing Gabriel from his heart and his head is easier said than done. His cold-turkey recovery is headed straight for an epic relapse, and Shane’s going to have to make a choice—the traditional life he thinks he wants, or the man he can’t seem to live without.

Review: I’m not sure which sentiment is stronger. The fact that the book was fantastic and I loved the read or that I loved the read but it left me feeling sort of sad because the series seems to come to a close and I don’t wan it to end.

The flavor of this story was different than I expected. While it was sexy, and erotic, had sex that made me breathless and squirm on my chair, it also left my stomach churning. The pain and confusion in Shane is palpable. I ached with him and loved Natalie for being a true friend to him.

Gabriel is absent for much of the story, but when he reemerges on the page, my heart raced and I wasn’t sure, as a reader, what I wanted to happen. Well, it’s a good thing Cara is brilliant. Because as the last third of the book unfolds, each word kept me riveted to the page. I loved Gabriel’s confession and when Shane gives in to his heart, mine melted too. Natalie knows when to step out of the scene and I loved that. This book definitely ends on a note unlike the other two. Yeah, you’ll be emotionally bruised but it felt so good to travel the journey with them.

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