The Bartered Virgin by Chevon Gael

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Carina
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Blurb: Sold to the highest-ranked aristocrat!

That's what Winnifred Percy, New York City heiress, considered her engagement to Sir David Knightsbridge, Earl of Wolshingham. It's 1902 and she wants to be a modern woman, free to travel the world. To do that she needs to show the Earl she is a completely unsuitable bride.

Smoking and cursing doesn't have much effect on David so Winn reads him a very naughty French book. That leads to unexpectedly passionate kisses, and David's declaration that he wants to marry her. Drat! Even when she takes him to Coney Island to mingle with ordinary people and eat exotic hot dogs he's intrigued...and intriguing.

When desire leads them into scandal, Winn realizes she's ruined his hopes for restoring his family's honor. Can she let him go to find a more suitable bride?

Review: While I myself did not consider this story erotic, I will be the first to say that it did contain a lot of graphic words  All the better, right? Now as for the story? I really enjoyed it. From the beginning the heroine is sassy and willing to do whatever it takes to live her own life…even if it backfires  I laughed so freaking hard that I thought I was going to make a mess in my chair!

All of it, the hero, heroine, the naughtiness…all written well and very engaging. I found myself feeling sorry that the story was over when I got to the last page.

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